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Old and New – My Class 1AA1

by Ong Hong Zhang

This week’s post did not come easily. No matter how hard I stared at the bowl of soup I had for dinner, I still did not know what to write about for maniAC. Still, as I reflected on the past week, I was suddenly sure of what to write for this week’s post.

I am in the class 1AA1, and I’m proud to be in it, not just because ‘1AA1′ is symmetrical. My first reaction towards my class however, was very different. In fact, I was horrified to be in 1AA1. In 1AA1, there is a very good mix of boys and girls, which is 3 boys and 20 girls. Some boys might be excited by the idea of that due to their raging hormones, but I was crushed. Crushed by the idea of having no one to discuss soccer with, crushed by the idea of having to spend time with a big bunch of the most complex creatures on Earth, and crushed by the idea of having to endure endless photo taking sessions.

I rest my case.

Still, as the days passed by, I found out that I enjoyed being in 1AA1 and that each day of school created yet another fond memory of my class. We became more bonded through the planning of Fun O Rama, due to the excitement of seeing each of our games proposals being turned down, coming up with corny songs to promote what we will be selling for fund raising, and watching in admiration as other classes went up on stage to receive prizes for having raised the highest amounts of funds. With each passing day, our feelings for each other deepened, and the number of nicknames we created for each other increased drastically, much to my delight.

As you read this, I am very sure that you will begin to reminisce about your own class. Some, however, might feel as horrified about their classes as I did at the beginning. Still, I believe that each and every one of us did not happen to become a part of a class by chance, and that how much we enjoy our class is dependent on how much we want to enjoy our class.

As for 1AA1, all I can hope for is that lasting friendships will be forged and that this class full of quirky, crazy and wild people will make it through College life together. So help us God.

Photos by Jeremy Kieran Ng, Sarah Roxanne Sim and Shanice Lim

One comment on “Old and New – My Class 1AA1

  1. Postman says:

    Aw, Dick, that’s so sweet. As for the corny songs, you can sing them in the candeck next Tuesday.

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